Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reading Glasses

I've mentioned Pete's reading before. How he hems and haws and gets all exasperated reading even the smallest thing.

Well, last week I took him to my optometrist to get an eye exam - a real one, not the quickie they do at the pediatric office. Turns out, he needs glasses for...READING. Apparently the poor kid has been reading using only his right eye because his left eye can't see that close.

I feel terrible for getting on his case or even making him read in the first place, but you know, he never mentioned not being able to see the page. He never complained about headaches or his eyes hurting. He DID rub his eyes a lot. He DID have trouble keeping his place on the page. He DID lay his head down on the papers/books and complain. complain. complain., "I can't read."

So now we know. I have to pick up the glasses today and I can't wait to have him read something. See if maybe anything changes. I really hope something does.

Thankfully, the doctor said it is common for children to outgrow farsightedness. I sure hope so, cause glasses and contacts are a pain in the ass.


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