Monday, April 21, 2008

My eyes are burning

It is raining like crazy here. Still thundering and lightening. Needless to say we are stuck indoors.

Normally, the TV and gaming devices are not on during the day. From time to time, RePete will want to play a computer game - educational, of course. Today? Poop on it. Pete is playing Spongebob - marathon style. RePete is alternating between watching his Doodlebops dvd and playing preschool games on the computer. And I'm catching up on blogs.

A few minutes ago RePete said his eyes were burning. I told him to take a break from his ABC dot-to-dot game and let his eyes rest. He said, "No, I can't want to do that. I'm gonna get a washcloth."

That sounded reasonable until I looked across the hall to the bathroom and saw him rinsing his washcloth out in the toilet. He thought he had eye problems before...


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